When We Can Forget and What We Are Meant To

Security, liability, and culpability in the West.

I now know this doesn’t have to be true to have gotten where we are.

All of this, to come to a non-partisan question, from which I will move into a question on relevance, non-partisanship, and what a partisan ideology even is.

What is the intent of the West in creating “global security” if not the same thing?

What do I mean here? Well, lets address it by tackling a point I listed earlier: what is partisan? What is a notably political stance? Is it political to say you are pro- “war on terror”? Is it partisan? Arguably the whole of Western Democracy is against terror. American liberal and conservative platforms are agreed on this point. Terror is bad and should be stopped. They even agree that it has no real definitive source, for to agree on a source or be direct with it would require acknowledging culpability. Culpable for what? Well, whatever the source of all this danger must be. Liable for what? Well, whatever the ensuing damages from this danger must be. And control of what? Here it splits. Direct and obvious control of tangible risks — risks of death, damage, profit loss. So what are the indirect controls over? Well, the risks of being loathed, the image of being responsible itself. The intent is to avoid the responsibilities of colonialism posited by traditional Western approaches to a “better world.”

These zones and their terror must exist. And they open resources to the West.

This is the tragedy of the zones. Terror is not an ideology, it is a tool. Terror attacks have been perpetrated by Western nations against Western nations, even outside of times of formal war. There is nothing in the doctrine of Islam or the air of the Global South that creates a copyright on terror and instability. Liberalism is the inverse. It is an ideology that is so ubiquitous, it can claim to be non-partisan. It is not a tool. It is the ethos of the West. And it doesn’t want to go questioned.

To question is to be a partisan.

To ask for an alternative to this model of the Liberal Democratic West is partisan. To ask for an alternative to Capitalism is unthinkable. Why would you want these things? Surely an alternative to “all men are created equal” must be the inverse! The Terror of the Zones is produced to answer the question of why there cannot be a deviation from the current model. Liberalism or Barbarism is the Anglo-American view. Zone or be Zoned is the Western model. It is colonialism without the paternalistic culpability, without the liability of a “civilizing mission,” and ultimately with control that starts at the doors, in or out of the West. Ours is a world of metal detectors and x-ray machines, and we are meant to be numb to that fact, just as we are numb to the fact that Westerners, all of us, must remember not to forget. “Never forgetting” is something to be reminded of, for us. We have the luxury, the privilege, to live beyond terror enough that we may forget it. The zoned spaces have no such luxury, for they live in conditions of perpetual terror.

Creative writer, essayist, poet, once and future novelist. I write what suits me, and poetry and muted, biting, commentary suit me fine.

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